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The largest online school management system in schools and colleges in the country

With the spread of communication and the Internet, it was necessary for parents, educators, and students to connect with the school’s smart system. We hope to take steps to develop the school education system.

Great change in the education system

The significant advancement of technology in the country’s educational system has a great influence on the education of students in this land and is the first step to change the educational style.

Your expectations of an education system have been met.

Comprehensive and complete application

The Boomerang Smart System is in every way tailored to the needs of the education system. Therefore, many customers use its unique features. On the one hand, this system provides parental and teacher supervision over student performance, and on the other hand, it provides students with easy access to the required files, information and resources.

Flexible and upgradeable system

Ability to customize according to customer needs

This system can be changed and it is possible to delete, add and edit specific modules. The facilities and services of the school smart system are provided in accordance with the needs of schools and colleges. Therefore, there is no room for reflection for the esteemed customers, in terms of the quality and efficiency of the system. Because the purpose of this system is to improve the learning of scholars.

Boomerang is a leader in providing smart and leading systems for building a brighter future.

Unique features

The country’s smart school system


Students and parents can choose their weekly diet plan so that staff can place orders accordingly.

This service is for schools that provide student nutrition.


Textbooks, e-assignments, sample questions and answers are all available to students and can be used.

Teachers can communicate with students. This service can have a great impact on students’ academic growth.


Student counseling and personality can help a lot. It also addresses the concerns of parents in all respects.

Academic and personality counseling is essential for personal development.


Online library, the possibility of booking remotely with smartphones is a feature of the smart school system.

The library management panel is also easy to use, and best of all, many custom modules can be added to the customer’s order.

online exam

In this section, four-choice questions are designed by teachers, and questions are available on the student portal.

It is also possible to create a time limit for the test in the admin access. Students can see the result after the test. In this section, the percentage of students’ academic growth can be examined.

Send SMS

Using this feature, you can send teachers and administrators messages to students and parents.

The SMS sending service in the intelligent orbital management system speeds up the management and eliminates the managers’ worries about informing.

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